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11/12/06 04:49 am - I should probably point out...

...that the action is over at these days. Has been for quite some time, actually! Plus flickr links and everything :)

11/16/05 09:01 pm - swoon

This is the most beautiful ad I've seen this year. No CGI, either... amazing.

10/25/05 12:43 pm - karmic arsebiting

So in spite of the payrise and improved conditions I've been feeling pretty burned out in work lately and was planning a tactical sick day to chill out and decompress. Except now karma has come back and bitten me in the arse for thinking such evil and subversive thoughts and I'm on a real sick day. Except I'm not so much sick as injured, and I'm not so much injured as I slipped a vertebra in my lower back and my chiro just popped it back in and OMYFRICKINGGOD the pain and I'm going back to lie flat on the floor and listen to some Beethoven now before my spine implodes.

10/13/05 12:25 pm - just when I'd given up... pay rise finally comes through. Nine. Months. Later. Just like being pregnant, except with more stress and arguing (perhaps!)

I am unflappable now for at least six hours and am planning to celebrate by playing poker and drinking Southern Comfort this evening. Hurrah!

10/1/05 01:36 pm - clothes-related waffle

So this new colour scheme is roughly the colour of my hair. Hm. I've been experimenting with oranges and browns and mossy greens and mauves so far this autumn, they seem to suit me. Who knew? I'm still finding it hard to tear myself away from my beloved black though - I bought a turquoise-and-black dress and a black jacket on Thursday. The former can only be described as very June Carter Cash/Twiggy, and the latter falls firmly in the military chic/Russian cossack category. My mission today is to find fabric dye for a Top Shop skirt which fell victim to our extremely temperamental washing machine and now looks like it came straight out of the 80s (and not in a good way). If I can manage to find some new jeans and knee high flat boots too, I'll be very satisfied. Shopping in this city is always a challenge.

First to food though, I plan to spend tomorrow baking and making soup in an effort to stave off autumn chills.

8/27/05 06:11 pm - so hard to beat

I've finally gotten round to sorting out my ipod and itunes and equipping both with more than the basic cycling-to-work and working-it-at-the-gym music. I'm being helped along muchly by our brand new 250GB media hard drive which contains all kinds of goodies from the media server at Oran's office. I'm currently working my way through Nick Cave, Sufjan Stevens, Doves and The Arcade Fire. Music makes me so happy.

I've also just discovered a new club night which I'm dragging absolutely everyone I know to. It's the only night I've come across that plays music I'll actually dance too - the clubbing scene here is firmly biased towards Eurotechno and hyped-up hip-hop, neither of which do anything for me. Hopefully Rascal won't disappoint...

We're going out for dinner in an hour and a half and I have nothing to wear. :(

8/20/05 12:54 pm - my everything hurts

I ran 5k for the first time on Thursday and I still feel like I've been beaten up. I'm absolutely not going to moan about it though because I RAN 5K FOR THE FIRST TIME ON THURSDAY.

Running has never been my "thing" - for one, when I was that bit heavier it just hurt too much and I was too unfit to last very long. Now I'm skinnified and much fitter, it's become gradually easier. The main block for me has definitely been psychological, though, as Thursday proved. I initially got on the treadmill thinking "oh I won't last longer than 15 minutes, short workout, I'll be home early" but then I stuck my ipod on shuffle and started getting into songs I hadn't heard in months and all of a sudden it was twenty minutes, then thirty, then thirty-seven minutes and fifty-one seconds and I'd run five kilometres and it didn't hurt and I wasn't out of breath although ridiculously sweaty and unable to focus on anything not directly in front of me for a second.

Oran's just loaded up our new 250GB media server (love) with 40GB of music from his office's media server (fricking cool office) so I shall be sourcing new and exciting music for my next treadmill excursion. My main new year's resolution was to be able to run 10k by the end of the year, and bloody hell, it looks like I'm going to make it.

8/17/05 09:22 pm - yaaaaaaaaawn

I'm not feeling very articulate at the moment. Here are some lists:

Things I am looking forward to

- The weekend. Thank the lord for weekends and comfortable beds
- A visit from my oldest & closest friend at the end of the month
- The tapas and chocolate fondue and red wine we shall guzzle in grand amounts
- Losing another couple of pounds. I've had several "you look so skinny!" comments this week but they can't see my love handles, oh no
- Getting better at handling the skinny comments
- Exfoliating. I heart that smooth feeling

Things I couldn't be dreading more

- Having to sit through another day of psycho workmate and her loud bloody headphones. I swear I'm going to crack
- Opening the bank statement that's sitting on our living room table
- Hopping on the scales tomorrow morning after a fish and chip dinner this evening (ack, I shouldn't obsess about these things so much)

Things I really, really need to do

- Sort laundry
- Pee
- Lose five pounds
- Reorganise my ipod
- Sleep (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
- Stop making pointless lists

Things I really, really need to stop doing

- Being paranoid about boyfriend stuff
- Frittering money away
- Inventing silly excuses for skipping the gym
- Fiddling with my hair in meetings (even the tedious ones)
- Worrying about my pale legs... they're never going to be any other colour

8/15/05 10:03 pm - so much for venice

Amsterdam is slowly turning into the Naples of the north. The city's sanitation workers are on a week-long strike and already the black sacks are mounting. Our next rubbish collection isn't until Tuesday 23rd - I shudder to think how horrible the city will look by then. It's set to get warmer too... cue steaming piles of rotting rubbish a la Napoli. Eugh. The city council are going crazy, too - there's a tallship festival this weekend which only visits the city every five years, and the place will be teeming with tourists. Who, unfortunately, will probably have to bring gas masks.

Can't wait to see the tallships though. And we have seats on a friend's boat on Sunday so we can get right up close and watch the fireworks on the IJ river, curled up under blankets with glasses of wine in our hands. Bliss.

7/31/05 01:35 pm - precious little

Nope, not dead. I think I can safely say, though, that all holiday-related ramblings have now been consigned to the back burner. The past two weeks have been insanely busy, albeit rewarding, at work and I'm too food-obsessed on this detox thing to think of much else. Two weeks down, one to go and I'm eight pounds lighter and a lot more energised than I was. My mother worries down the phone that I'm doing myself harm, but she really can't have it both ways. Either she harps on at me to lose weight, or (now) tells me to put on a few pounds. What's a girl to do?

On a totally unrelated note, I've just watched the first fifteen minutes of Team America: World Police and had to leave the room. What utter shite.
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